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2505, 2017

Factoring the Bank Feed Challenge

What is Multi Factor Authentication? Bank feeds (also known as extractors) are what connect banks to various accounting platforms. These data exchanges provide accountants, lenders, as well as other applications within the financial technology (Fin [...]

1412, 2016

How to Determine Who Receives a 1099

Form 1099-MISC is the most common tax form used to submit information for income paid to independent contractors. Failure to file this form can result in significant fines from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). To [...]

1810, 2016

When and How Can You Deduct Business Meals?

Deducting the cost of meals at restaurants is one of the more delicious parts of running a business. But as a bookkeeping services provider for many small businesses, I get a lot of questions about [...]

1309, 2016

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers are an integral part of any business - they can either make or break your business. Making sure you take the time to hire the right person for the role is crucial. So how [...]

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